SMART Window Film

The latest technology in digital shading that allows the color of the film to go from non-transparent to transparent by apply a current through it.

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Digital shade control at your fingertips.

Up to now, the ‘digital shade’ technology was both expensive and difficult to install, used almost exclusively in high end hotels, large corporations or homes. With Smart Film, the technology is now more affordable available for all – it is user friendly and cost effective.

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Easy Installation

Easy installation.

With our team of certified installers, your current glazing system can become smart. No need for retro fit of new glass, this product comes cut to fit and ready to install, right form our clean room to your windows.

Privacy on demand.

Imagine, obstructing the view from the outside, from your phone, without losing the light.

Privacy on demand

Multi-purpose usage

Multi-purpose usage.

Your new Smart Film has uses beyond privacy. Doctors’ offices, hospitality, and conference rooms are prime locations where that instant sense of security is needed.

Sun protection.

Conventional blinds or sun control films are no match for what the smart film industry has to offer. Glare Control, Infra-Red Control and UV reduction, are just a few advantages of smart film. Not only is this a unique option for instant privacy, it also can be used as a protection screen. That’s right! with an average projector, an image can be protected on to the interior surface and the entire image/program can be seen from the outside.

Sun protection

Not just for windows – skylights too!

Overhead natural light is an architect’s pride, but he doesn’t live there! Certain times of the year, you would just like to omit that uncontrollable light and glare, your solution is now at your fingertips.