Benefits of SMART Film

SMART Film For Every Surface

The benefit of using SONTE Film is that it does not require replacement of your windows or glass partition as it can be retro-fit onto any glass surface in your living room, bathroom, office or any other glass surface you choose. Our product is perfectly suitable for both private and corporate solutions. We want Smart Film to be available for all, therefore it is designed to be user friendly and cost effective. Smart Film is a brilliant solution for your office, conference room, but also living room or kitchen.

SMART Film For Your Home or Office

Smart Film is a quick and simple way to redecorate your home or office without renovation. Our amazing product will enhance your living room, bathroom and office. The best way to give you privacy on demand or limit excessive sun light.

How does Smart Window Film Work

SMART Film Technology

Different Surface?

Our amazing film is also a great way to protect your car and its interior from hot and sunny weather. With Smart Film you avoid extensive heat in the car in the summer.